Michael Jackson’s Ghost Spotted In Bromley


Today we discovered a truly wonderful thing – regional 'news' paper, News Shopper, is trying to muscle in on the territory of competing South London rag, the South London Press. The SLP long ago realised that no one wants to read dull guff about town councillors and parking permits, and instead embarked on an illustrious career printing amazing, sensationalist, and by and large, total bullshit stories. Their crowning glory came some years back, with this immortal frontpage:

Now it seems that local rival News Shopper is determined to take over as chief provider of garish lies to South London. We're pleased to report that they've come in with a strong showing:

"Boy who took photo of ghost of Michael Jackson speaks out"

Yep, a 14 year old Bromley teenager named Reece Saava has accidently caught the King Of Pop's ghost on camera. It turns out that MJ was hovering around Bromley's Churchill Theatre – and this is where it gets really spooky  – he was there on the same day a Michael Jackson Tribute Show was planned!! Jesus. Our favourite bit of this story is where News Shopper post the picture of Michael, and caption it "Michael Jackson's ghost can be seen on the right of the photo," all casual, like. Here's the chilling, irrefutable evidence:

michael jackson ghost

I'd say that's pretty conclusive proof of the after life.

If anyone out there has any other pictures of dead celebrities sheepishly haunting low capacity London venues, please feel free to send them in. Like News Shopper, we will publish anything. Anything.

Michael's been pretty busy in death – when he's not hanging around Bromley, he's also been sorting out a pretty fly new album – you can listen to it here