Michael Gove Gets The Boot (Kinda)


Teachers around the country are no doubt jigging in the delight – the much hated Michael Gove has been relieved of his post of education secretary. Suffering what many consider to be a demotion, Gove has found a new role as party whip in David Cameron's latest shake up.

Smirking manchild Gove has had an eventful time running riot with England's education policy, having himself a ball attacking teachers pay and pensions, promoting free schools that have yet to be built, allowing a handful of Creationist schools to be built (God knows what they teach in those – gedditt??? lol etc), basing his policy on (according to the NUT) "dogma, political rhetoric and his own limited experience of education", and generally encouraging an education that centres around how bloody great England is, and how much better the world was when we were in charge of everything. Never a man to be seen as hypocritical, Gove has also lent his full support to whatever neo-colonial bullshit the government has concocted, from passionately supporting an invasion of Iraq, to being utterly heartbroken that we didn't go and make Syria a bigger mess than it already is. Just for luck, he describes himself as "a proud Zionist".

Of his many and varied greatest moments, we feel his request to give the queen a £60m yacht as a birthday present whilst the government were slashing public spending with near psychopathic relish is a personal best. We're all in it together eh Mike! 

Gove has been replaced by relative unknown Nicky Morgan, one of several women Cameron has promoted to cabinet, presumably in the optimistic hope that it's unlikely to transpire that any of them spent the 80s bumming kids. For the full low down on who's who in our unelected government (Thanks Lib Dems….) you can stroll on over to the BBC.