Men Dressed As Rick James And Superfly Rob Bank – Photos


Up 'til now, it's safe to say that our favourite criminal disguise has been worn by the genius who tried (and failed) to rob an American convenience store whilst dressed as a cartoon character called Gumby. Here he is. he's pretty good.


But today Bad Gumby has lost his crown. He's no longer number one


For today it has emerged that two guys dressed as the coke sniffin', pimp bein' superfreaks Rick James and Superfly managed to turn over an Indiana Credit Union. SAY WHUT?

According to VladTV – 

"One of the men was decked out in all black with a wig fashioned after James' famous beaded braids, while his accomplice wore a chin length wavy wig with a fedora. According to ABC 6 in Indianapolis, the two men approached a teller and demanded money. It wasn't revealed how much money the men got away with, and police are still on the search for the robbers."

This whole story leaves way more questions than it does answers. How did they come up with the costumes? Are they even costumes? Is this just how these guys roll? Did 'Rick James' call everyone bitch?  I mean he's RICK JAMES, BITCH. Personally I'd like to think the disguises are a superb bit of misdirection, and while the cops are turning over whorehouses and coke dealers searching for suspects, the true crooks are laughing it up binge buying boxes of Magic: The Gathering…