Mango #10



+++ 10 +++

Name: Unknown

Origin: Taiwan

Size: 22 x 12 x 9 cm

Weight: 1,560g


Read the stats again; this is a big mango, bigger than Camilla Batmanghelich when she was born, so think what it would have turned into if they had left it on the tree. Despite its size, it has

relatively little character, however. The smell is good – refreshing, sweet and acidic. Inside it is pale yellow and juicy, but with a lot of fibre near the stone and the skin.

The flavor is acceptable, but not exciting. The life has started to leave it – perhaps it was a little past its best.  Surely the end of the season.

A huge stone weighing 169g, and the skin took the total of 359g, so

the overall fruit ratio was pretty good: 73:27.