Loophole Means Ecstasy & Ketamine Are Currently Legal In Ireland


We're 100% sure that this news will be of scant interest to any Ransom Note readers, but anyway – it turns out that a loophole in Irish law has rendered possession of Ecstasy, Ketamine and more than 100 other drugs completely legal. For real. According to Irish website News Talk

"The Health Minister Leo Varadkar says dozens of people found guilty of drug offences could now have their convictions overturned."

"Mr Varadkar is to bring an emergency bill before the Dáil tonight to restore the ban on drugs like ecstasy and ketamine, which was overturned in court this morning. The ban on more than 100 drugs was overturned when the Court of Appeal ruled the relevant law to be unconstitutional. Heroin, cannabis and cocaine are not affected – but the possession of ecstasy, ketamine, benzodiazopenes and so-called 'legal highs' is no longer a crime."

"However Mr Varadkar says the sale, supply and import of the drugs is still illegal. And he says a small number of convictions could now be appealed."

Unsurprisingly, the Irish parliament – the Dáil – are rushing through new legislation to plug the loophole. However, this new law can't come into effect until Thursday night – that means you've got 24 hours to get to Dublin and GO FUCKING MENTAL… ummm… if that's your kind of thing. We're sure that none of our Irish friends would ever dream of exploiting the chance to get spangled with no consequence (other than the severe physical side effects including, but not limited to, the possibility of death). Just letting you know. Here's a video of the Health Minister trying to discourage people from exploiting a massive balls up.