Library Of Things Opens In London And Looks To Expand The Idea Across The City


Trying to live in the ever-decreasing space in the monstrously over-priced capital city can generally be abysmal. Having the funds and the storage to invest in improving your home is also at the same premium. Want to do a bit of DIY? Need a hammer or a saw or general handyman kit, and you'd be blowing money on tools that you may only use once and then have nowhere to put until the next time you get the homemaker urge. What about that once yearly festival gallivant to a field somewhere outside the M25? Having to buy some poorly weather protecting canvas shoebox, and then too wrecked on the Monday to take it home, negating any cultural positivity with the impact on the environment. Imagine a place where you could hire these useful but much unused tools and kit for a few pounds, then take them back for another community member to benefit from next week. The Library Of Things has been operating in Norwood, London since 2014 but has now found a permanent home with a shipping container on a car park storing kit for everything from baking, gardening, painting and a beach trip. Further building the community spirit around the project, the volunteers at the not-for-profit company also host workshops and 1-to-1 sessions so that members can learn new skills. With 'bootcamps' coming later this year, the originators want to share their knowledge of sourcing stock, fundraising and teambuilding to spread this community and environmentally minded idea to other neighbourhoods across London.

For further info on the project and to get involved look HERE. Photo by Sebastian Wood.

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