Kieran’S TOP 8 OF 2013


The world didnt end

Ok so let’s start this off on a pretty big one. I realise this event was supposed to happen in 2012, but 2013 was supposedly never even going to happen if it did; so I think it counts. Lucky that 2013 did happen, as it was full of amazing meltdowns, hoaxes, finally some good TV and a distinct lack of sporting events

Amys Bakery public breakdown

Back in May, leather faced swear machine Gordon Ramsay ruffled some feathers at American Bistro Amys Bakery. After the show aired, a public meltdown from the owners ensued on Facebook. It went from embarrassing, to insane to funny and back few times. After defending pretending to be a bakery and really just reselling walmart cakes they took strong legal action to forbid reddit from talking about them and after realising that wasnt going to work decided to call some kind of fist-fight.

The posts go on and on. Theyre now on some kind of crusade to close down Yelp reviews. Good luck to them!

People destroying their iPhone after waterproof iOS 7 Hoax

The hoax of the year, circulated by 4chan, claimed iOS7 had software that would automatically waterproof your phone on upgrade…

Breaking Bad Finale

At a reported $3m an episode, topping the budgets for drugs-are-bad advert, Breaking Bad has been the talked-about show this year. Im not normally a big fan of TV series (or TV in general) but Breaking Bad is one of the few shows that totally deserved the hype. Ive still not recovered from the emotional rollercoaster of the last few episodes. If you havent seen it (gasp!) – watch it, bitch!

Best summer for a while, probably

The first day of cold and everyone instantly forgets the summer. But it was an incredible summer, took a while to get going but pretty sure it was the longest consecutive days of wearing a T-shirt in a good few years. Only got to two festivals over the year – Sunrise & Farr but they were two pretty stunning small british festivals that wont be missed next year

Olympics & The World Cup

Werent on this year.

Chinese zoo found out disguising hairy Dog as Lion

A zoo in People’s Park of Luohe, China came under fire for claiming they had a Lion, however on closer inspection the Lion turned out to be a Tibetan Mastif.

“The zoo is absolutely cheating us,” said Liu, who was charged 15 yuan for the ticket.

Dogs cant be the mane attraction at a zoo. Ill show myself out.

Bitcoin Breaks $1000 > 1 BTC

Sorry for the american comparison, but 1 Bitcoin equalling 611.85 doesnt sound quite as impressive. While Bitcoin itself is a pretty big phenomenon that may or may not stand the test of time, what it has proved is that we can break down the need for a centralised governing body to manage a currency. Right now its a little too volatile to be accepted worldwide, but its certainly steps in the right direction, and the fact its managed to break 1000USD this year is hopefully paving the way to a new approach to money.