Katie Hopkins Speaks At Brunel University; Students Stage Mass Walk Out


Shrivelled hate-factory Katie Hopkins has carved a handsome career as a professional troll. Over recent years Hopkins' increasingly desperate pronouncements have seen her borrow Nazi imagery to compare drowning immigrants to cockroaches, described ebola as admirable and 'efficient', suggested suicidal prisoners should kill themselves and spent a disconcerting amount of time describing other women as fat bastards. Such a card!

This week Hopkins was scheduled to give a talk at Brunel University, and in a satisfying switcheroo found herself being trolled in fine style by the student body. Video has gone up on Youtube showing the auditorium full of students waiting for Hopkins to start speaking before standing up, facing away from her, then filing out en masse to leave a largely empty room. 

Admittedly, we'd have been just as happy to see egg chucking and verbal abuse, but apparently the days of students getting up to any serious hi-jinks vanished the minute they started racking up £30,000 worth of debt just to get a degree. Hey ho. Good work all the same.