Jeremy Kyle Pepper Sprayed In Magaluf


SO this is officially the most tabloid thing we've ever reported on, but- let's not lie- it's also bloody great. It transpires that shrieking TV bully Jeremy Kyle has been pepper sprayed whilst filming a documentary in Magaluf. Better still, the bouncer who pepper sprayed him, a Romanian named Leon, is quite proud of himself, pointing out, in a succinct and almost entirely accurate critique of Kyle's work "His show is rubbish". Don't take our word for it though – here are the quotes from the Daily Star's (God help us, has it come to this?) columnist Scarlett Moffatt:

‘It was clear to all that Jeremiah wasn’t making a show to promote Maga and wanted to dish the dirt in the name of shock entertainment, where his viewers can judge what they don’t understand.’

‘One bouncer from one of the busiest bars warned Jezza that he couldn’t come into the club,’ she added.

‘It ended with Jezza being pepper sprayed by the bouncer, and the poor fella was as confused as one of his show guests getting a full house on the lie detector machine.’

Can we get some sort of knighthood for Leon the Bouncer? Or at the least Youtube footage of Kyle screaming and clutching his tear streaked face?