Gaas’s Top 10 Cats


Though the first thing that we'd hope people would think of when they think of R$N is 'really cool music', the honest answer to the question is far more likely to be 'cats'. We're all more than happy to embrace our feline overlords and once more they're running wild across these here pages in a selection of images courtesy of the rather talented GaAs. As the graphic designer and creator of all the images and artworks for record label Suara, GaAs has shown repeatedly that he too is a fan of our meowing brethren by using them as his inspiration for the artwork of various releases. In what might just be the most pure Ransom Note feature ever, GaAs talks us through ten of his favourite cat artwork images and the glorious logic behind them;

Suara 011: Marco Brugattu & Paul Cart – Billie's Mascotte Ep

It is the most special because it was the first cover I did for Suara, the first time that a cat appeared and the beginning of this story. Those were different times and used other techniques but picks up everything that would come next.

Suara 174: Coyu Feat Daniel Wilde – Desire Ep

It was the perfect opportunity to tell the story of one Suara Foundation cats. Rubito, which he was attended by veterinarians but unfortunately lost his eye. We had to dedicate a cover and show he can express much more than any other.

Showroom Remixed

Compilations and special releases have followed an entirely different line, with fantasy graphics and clearer. A cat imagines himself in his head counting? I love reflect inner thoughts in this simple way.

Suara 188: Los Paranos – Rise Of Emotions Ep

One of the latest, where I give more importance to the nuances and focus on realism only on what really matters. Each shadow and detail I did with infinite tiento. One of the most difficult work for me but I really enjoyed to do.

Suara 185: Coyu and Edu Imbernon – El Baile Aleman Remixes Part I

In the latest I've changed completely the style of covers and I have tried to be more subtle. To this, where Coyu and Edu Imbernon published some remixes of such an important track in their careers, I decided to do something to attract attention for its simplicity and subtlety.

Summer Hit

This is the case of the Summer Hit, as pure and direct as possible. The wrinkles of a sphinx cat are perfect for adding the necessary complexity in the nuances.

Dosem – City Cuts LP

It was an important occasion in Suara Dosem LP, here I let myself be guided by the taste of the artist. Heavily influenced by the different cities where he has acted and wanted to capture on disc concept. There is a part of each of these cities on the cover.

Suara 098: Mladen Tomic – Techno Tools Vol. 4

For Techno Tools I always have tried to do very dark cats and even aggressive, as in this case. Powerful colors also show all the energy contained in this release.

Suara 100: Coyu – Southem Instinct Remixes

This is special for its catalog number, the number hundred release. I wanted to do something more epic and place the cat in the future to come, on guard looking up.

Suara 052: Pleasurekraft and Belocca – Murdered Out

I have always had a predilection for black cats, and never I tried to make them perfect.
Indeed these failures are what makes them unique and give the necessary character to be identifiable.

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