Are you tired with the taste of bitter tears, bittering up your bitter black coffee every morning? Do your housemates often say things like “Hey bro i really liked your abstract take on Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’ last night” when really it was just you wailing yourself to sleep? 

Here at R$N, we understand. We want to absorb your woe and regurgitate it back to you in soft, delicate advice, much like a mother bird feeding worms to it’s young in that weird, regurgitate-y way they do.

That’s why we have decided to placate your misery with a weekly R$N Agony Aunt column.

Feel free to inundate us with your angst but do not feel ashamed, as all questions will be kept anonymous. 

Email – don’t be shy now… and we’ll do our best to help… anonymously of course!

Love Marjorie R$N x

(ed note, Marjorie Proops was one of the first agony aunts who appeared in The Mirror and was educated at Dalston Secondary School no less! – She allegedly a bit of a racist and received an OBE but we won’t go into that here…)