Dear Marj… R$N’s New Agony Aunt Tackle Your woes #2


This week Gary (name changed to protect the innocent… or is it?!) asks:

So, I’m a single dad on the look out for a woman. But my confidence keeps getting knocked by my 18 year old son who taunts me about how many girls he sleeps with. I feel ‘deflated’… Can you help with my predicament? 

And Marj’s response:

Dear Gary,
Have you ever seen that one episode of Quantum Leap where he wakes up as a woman? In it, the seminal actor Scott Bakula is simply mesmerizing as Dr. Sam Beckett; the time traveling doctor of science who time warps into the body of a troubled secretary, faced with daily sexual harassment, a friends suicide attempt, and the hilarious sexual advances of Dr. Sams trusty wise cracking sidekick Admiral Al Calavicci, who feels compelled to grope and fondle Dr Sams feminine avatar, with rib ticklingly misogynistic results.

The sight of the usually rugged Dr. Sam Beckett in woman’s clothing and make up had regular viewers in stitches I can tell you! But conversely; if one ever managed to ignore the simmering screen presence of Scott Bakula, a serious lesson was also there to be learnt from the time travelling hi jinks, a lesson you yourself are facing at this very moment. 

Gary, you say you feel ‘deflated’ by your son’s sexual prowess and cruel taunts. This is a natural feeling to have, you’re human after all. But consider how ‘deflated’ Dr Sam Ricketts felt when transported inexplicably through time and space into the body of a woman? And; not only a woman, but one subject to such demanding and degrading circumstances? Dr Sam Ricketts did not let these feelings of deflation to keep him down. Dr Sam Ricketts believed in himself enough to overcome sexual inequality, confused gender boundaries and the fact that he was getting felt up by his best mate cos he time traveled into the body of a woman. A more visceral representation of the modern mans struggle I am yet to experience. 

Gary, Dr Sam Ricketts was just a man, like you. Dr. Sam Ricketts had his limitations. Dr. Sam Ricketts got scared and insecure, he got what was tantamount to sexual assault from his best mate who was meant to be helping him out, but there’s one thing Dr Sam didnt get, and that the urge to give up. 
So I say to you Gary, don’t give up. Yes your son is more virile and attractive. Yes, you’re probably too old and past it to get with attractive women. But ask yourself, in this situation, what would Dr. Sam Ricketts do?

He would believe in himself Gary, he would believe in himself. 

Marj R$N

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Love Marj R$N x