Cyclists Take Online Revenge On Insane Road Rage Driver


On May 30th, a video emerged of a fairly extreme road rage incident, with the driver of a four by four launching into a tirade of abuse at a cyclist, who had apparently done little more than cycle on the road in a seemingly safe manner. Captured on the cyclists head cam, the incident saw the driver of the vehicle make an attempt to knock the cyclist off his bike, followed by pulling up, and launching into a torrent of abuse concerning the bike rider not using the cycle lane.

The situation quickly escalated, with the cyclist going equally postal, the two men eventually having a spittle flecked screaming match in the middle of the road, with the car driver, a stumpy, angry rumplestiltskin of a fellow in a strange leather jacket, reaching for the old school charm with threats to ‘cave your fucking teeth in’. Watch the incident below (probably NSFW, unless your office is used to people shouting c*nt at will). Not Wil in the office here but ‘at will’ you understand.

Unfortunately for the driver, the internet has rapidly provided cyclists across the land the chance to take their revenge. A few days after the video made it onto Youtube, local paper, The Richmond & Twickenham Times, identified to raging maniac as one Jason Wells, owner of the Brew cafe chain, which has branches in Putney, Clapham, Wimbledon and Wandsworth. Naturally this has led to a flurry of activity, from one user finding a picture Wells posted of himself on twitter, and working out that if you changed the contrast you could see what a tiny cock Wells has :


To a flurry of one star reviews of Brew on Trip Advisor, with (presumably) cyclists posting such quips as

“Not going here again the whole family came down with chronic diarrhea and projectile vomiting after eating there, and I was quite alarmed when an angry man in leather kicked in the wheels of my 3 year old sons balance bike whilst we sat at our table.”

The moral here would appear to be – if you’re going to be a dick, make sure you don’t get caught on camera. Or maybe just don’t be a dick.