Council Bans Man From Naming His House ‘Hardcore’


Sad news from Bedfordshire – the local council have banned one enthusiastic old nosher from officially naming his house 'Hardcore Mansions'. According to BBC News, Daniel Lewis, of Milton Road, Clapham in Bedfordshire, wanted his post to be addressed to "Hardcore Mansions" rather than using a more traditional house number. Proving that he is indeed some sort of legend, Lewis told the BBC that he wanted to change his house name because it reminded him of when he was "out on the town" in his 20s, "giving it large".

Shitty Bedfordshire council have clearly never got on one, rejecting the application on the grounds it might cause offense – presumably to deep house fans.

"I did write to them" Lewis explained, "and outline there was a number of different meanings to hardcore but they just took it down the sexual route and told me I couldn't have it."

Mr Lewis has now put up a neon sign depicting the name and said he has no plans to remove it.

"Everyone who comes to the house comments on the sign and the name, everyone thinks it's a bit of fun," he said.