Come Play The Piano


Come play the Prince Charles’ new piano!

Yes, in the hope that they’ll be able to get more silent films in the building, and hopefully more live re-scores the boss has invested in a piano for our downstairs screen, and it’s a beauty!

However as you realise, the PCC isn’t like your normal boring multiplex, we figured that with such a talented audience as yourselves, then why not have a bit of fun with our new purchase. Amanda our chief projectionist, we’re the first to admit, has pretty suspect taste in music, so we thought perhaps you could knock out some tunes before the film instead?

If you can hammer out a tune, and don’t get stage fright, we’ll even give you a couple of free tickets to come and see the movie after your turn! Simply drop an email to to let us know you want to come, and then turn up half an hour before the film. We’ll set you up and you can entertain our audience before the adverts.

Terms and conditions apply
(free tickets exclude special events, if you’re rubbish we’ll kick you off, first come first served, downstairs screenings only, management have the right to cancel the performance if they need to, no stairway to heaven! etc etc)