Collective Risk-Taking


Put your money where your mouth is seems to be the modern day maxim of many eager to display their musical, cinematic or even entrepreneurial talents. From video producers, to film makers via music moguls and charity activists we, the general public are invited to take a greater stake in the brand, to go beyond our passive participation, to spread the word and put some dollar on the table.

For instance, the newly created MMC (My Music Company) attempts to raise the funds necessary for artists to go into production, through investments from the likes of you and me. The figure is a not-so-shy 100k but thus far the label has seen success in the UK with Ivyrise, a pop indie band with two successful tours under their belts.

The company originated in France in 2008, where three seasoned A&R guys wanted to provide an alternative route to musical acclaim that would remove the element of risk from more established labels that could no longer afford to lose out on bands and solo artists whose earnings were not providing sufficient revenue.

The group has support from industry stalwarts and has been backed by Paul- Rene Albertini, the former daddy of Warner Brothers International. The idea however is not new, in the States sites such as Sellaband and Kickstart work along these same economic principles.

This trend has been seen in recent media, the latest Shy FX video shows ordinary folk raving in the clubs and streets of west London. Blind Faith directed by Daniel Wolfe is of a similar theme but what are they tangible benefits to sponsored consumerism, if any?

It is the call of the viral campaigner as to the nature of the rewards, which can range from monetary benefits to discounted usage of said good or service to the simple satisfaction that you have contributed to a worthy, if not for you but for others, project. As a child of Capitalism, with some liberal tendencies, I wonder if we would like to group together to secure my mortgage of that quaint property yonder, beside the park, walking distance from the nearest watering hole.

If not for your own personal gain, these projects have the potential to make excellent presents my mum would love shares in MMC, she has always fancied herself as a soul singer!