Chinese Company Unveils A Voice Activated Autonomous Car


The future has just taken one satisfying step closer to looking like a 1980s David Hasslehoff show. last week Chinese firm LeEco revealed it's latest car – an electric automobile that can be controlled by voice commands. According to tech site The Next Web,

The LeSEE, announced last night in China, managed to drive itself out of a shipping container and on to the stage with little more than a few voice commands spoken into a smartphone by CEO Jia Yueting. It even reversed, too.

Whilst the LeSEE looks like this:

In our hearts, we know we're a few short years away from this:

The LeSEE is a new venture for LeEco – the company has made it's name producing mobile phone technology. However electric vehicles are a booming business in China. The government has relaxed rules forbidding foreign companies from investing in Chinese firms, as long as those companies continue to research electric powered vehicles. As a result there has been a boom in investment and development. Talking, self driving KITT machines are round the corner…