Brian Harvey Smashes Gold Discs In A Moment Of Clarity


Today former East 17 frontman (kids, ask a passing 35 year old) Brian Harvey has posted a video of himself smashing his various gold discs. Harvey is known for erratic behaviour – he once managed to run over himself, then attributed the accident to eating too many baked potatos. It could happen. This time Harvey has got it in for the music industry. We're not going to take the piss, because it looks like Brian has probably got some bi-polar issues going on, instead we'll note the video as a moment of clarity. "East 17" Brian says to camera whilst wielding a picture frame full of gold discs – "one million sales – this is what it fucking means-" he then proceeds to smash the shit out of the discs. Under the video he has written a simple message: "This is what i think of you all. Fuck your record industry, and fuck your weird pedophile world. Fuck you." 

To be honest, we'd say he's got the pop music industry pretty much nailed there. Proving that he's not a vandal, Harvey posted a second video called Tidy and Angry which shows him cleaning up his mess. Somewhat tellingly, that one is captioned "THANK THE LORD FOR O.C.D." 

Watch them both below: