Bemuse Londoners With This Pointlessly ‘Fake’ Oyster Card


We're always a fan of someone spreading tiny nuggets of strangeness throughout the day, so full marks to Darren Cullen for coming up with this entirely pointless Oyster card cover. You can now, with the aid of Darren's hard wearing latex stickers, make a normal, working Oyster Card look like a badly hand-drawn fake. Because why not.   

fake oyster pack

"Turn your real Oyster card into a fake Oyster card with this convincingly pointless sticker kit." Cullen writes on his Etsy page.

"Cover each side of your card with the hard-wearing vinyl sticker, cut off the overlapping edges with the supplied scalpel and you're all set to mildly confuse your friends, fellow commuters and ticket inspectors for no discernible reason."

A quick perusal through the rest of Cullen's page reveals that maybe, just maybe, he's some sort of genius. Here's his poster on the menace of scrounging pets. He's only saying what we're all thinking. See more – and maybe give him some money- over here

pet scroungers