Bawrut’s Dad ‘The Mulled Master’ Mulled Wine Recipe


As if supplying Ransom Note Records with dance music from the future wasn't enough, Bawrut generously offers up his Dad's Mulled Wine recipe. Show your appreciation by making it and drinking it, and maybe even burn a wicker effigy of your own creation too. Over to you, Bawrut.

Since Italy is a long boot on the Mediterranean sea, the number of cultures and ancient traditions are all concentrated into one slim and long country. 

A lot of people become confused when I tell them I'm Italian. Maybe my name and my somatic traits or just because I don’t have a strong accent and I don’t move my hands energetically whilst talking — Ok, perhaps just a bit but mainly for classic moves like “what do you mean/ma che ca*!? hai detto”.

This is just a short intro tot he recipe, which centres on the place where I was born, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and my city: Gorizia.

It's in the north-east part of Italy, a small corner close to the Slovenia and Austria borders; our traditions are a mix of these three cultures. In fact, we end the Christmas period on 6th January with the “Pignarul”, a huge stack of wood, Christmas trees, bushes, a flying (fake) witch, and a man looking at the rising smoke to help predict the following year ahead. During this event, my dad, Mario, is considered the master of mulled wine and prepare cauldrons of the stuff for all the people who gather for this ancient ritual. 

For a Litre of Mulled Wine

• 1 Litre of Red Wine (good quality)
• 120gr sugar
• half apple
• half lemon sliced
• 3 cinnamon sticks
• 7/8 cloves

Put all the ingredients in a large bowl (cloves and cinnamon better in a food mesh) and heat the wine. When it’s boiling burn the alcohol in the surface with a match.

Serve hot.

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