38 Degrees Plans Protest For Environmental Change


As we all know, the environment is in a rather dire state right now, what with greenhouse gas emmisions going through the roof- or rather the ozone. Every scientist worth their salt has acknowledged this and at the end of this year so will every country from around the world.

In December, representatives from around the world will be meeting in Paris to discuss a global agreement to cut carbon emissions. 38 Degrees are calling upon members and non-members to participate in a peaceful demonstration on the 17th of June to ensure that the politicians of Britain feel the pressure to actively do their bit at the Paris meeting. There are already 650 members of 38 Degrees registered to attend the event. Together, they plan to gather outside Westminster and line the streets as the MPs come out of Parliament. There will even be rickshaws available to carry some MPs out. Doing this will ensure that every politician sees, right in front of them, people from all over the UK demanding action on climate change.

If you're not residing in London, you will still be able to travel there cheaply as there will be special coaches heading into London from across the UK. Furthermore, the National Express coaches are offering 30% off for anyone booking a ticket for the event.

The event will be happening on Wednesday 17th of June, 12pm-5.30pm.