From The Badger’s Lair #9


“Did you sleep well Sissy?”

“why yes thanks Dad”

“I went out like a light Peter, did you stay up long?”

ha ha ha ha…they’ll never know. God I love how much easier Quaaludes make my nocturnal adventures….

So orange it turns you ginger (no oranges were harmed in the making of this juice)

It must have been a fucking ball being a grown up in the 1970’s. I remember all the shouting and screaming clearly.

Luckily I had something nice to comfort me back then.

Something from the 70’s to help you chill that might actually not be from the 70’s even. Still Daryl Hall makes me think of the 70’s. He also makes me think of terrible things. But this is GREAT.

Who the fuck are you ?!?

Life’s a riot.

Dad ?!?


“No you stupid ass-hole it’s Patrick, can’t you fucking read?”

"Blah blah blah the 4Hero version is the best blah blah blah” 
Not if you want some pure balls out proper scary BOSH it aint !



Once you understand. Check this out.


Actually really bloody frightening with a head-full of LSD. But not so the day after. More things to look for next time your getting you fingers dusty. A wealth of sound bites and samples –

Got a call from Wil (head honcho at the site) last week that pretty much went along the lines of “if you don’t put more bits about fucking cats (really hope he was just being pissed rather than littoral) in your next piece you can say goodbye to being a movie star"



I love cats but they are basically fucking monsters hidden under their fluffy exterior. Constantly practising and honing their killing skills. Even that fat little ball of fluff at the end of the bed. When he’s jumping on your feet under the covers that’s him pretending your foots a vole. Finally somebody has managed to capture their true ugly spirit. Cats in slow motion. 


More of the monstrous beasts here –


And some awesome music for cats made by awesome cats

Two Russian lads trying to out Greg Greg.

Greg Wilson has a new album out this week on his Super Weird Substance label it features all the vinyl releases to date and probably some exclusives knowing his penchant for that kinda thing.
Full support from the Badger. You should too. Keep the vibe alive.

This is how you could sound of you put in a few years practice like Greg. Wicked and essential-

Early footage of Greg on his way to work at Preston Working Mens Club. Keep your eyes on the road Greg!


“When a records been played in the club for a few times people tend to get fed up with it. So I use my wizard like skills to do amazing and incredible things with it”

“But don’t the people who make the records get a little annoyed about you doing this Greg?”

“Fuck em!"

Some useful advice from the inter-web if like Greg your records are a bit filthy. 

I once met somebody who claimed to have been drugged and kidnapped and locked in a very famous DJ's New York loft apartment for a week and forced to “do the dishes bitch”!

He has a darling pet monkey to do that shit now I’ve heard.

Thank God for that. Literally. Go eat some soil kid. 

That’s all folks.