From The Badger’s Lair #3


Strap yourself in for another batch of some of the internet's finest exhibitions of irregularity and some aural delights that we think you'll enjoy from Mr Mark 'Badger vs Baboon' Broadbent… 

Disco Sucks. 

It’s hard now to imagine that a style of popular music could cause such outrage and I guess that says a lot about the music currently being force fed to us as pop. At the time I held similar views having drawn my opinion from the dross served up in Huddersfield youth clubs in the late '70s. Can't imagine I’d have burnt or smashed any records in protest, however.

The guy who organised the rally was a real piece of work and deserves further investigation. It’s an interesting story from a very specific place in time and it’s worth five minutes to get a fuller picture and understanding of a style of music that is now fully accepted in the mainstream consciousness as being representative of unity and love within certain communities. 

Local news coverage from the night.

Interesting article focusing on Steve Dahl the organiser of the event (a real piece of work).

How could anybody think that Disco sucks?

What do we think? Disco Dancer?

Another great idea from the good/bad old days. The chemical cosh.

Young and old taken care of in equal measures so we can go to the discotheque and listen to disco.

And maybe, if you're lucky, blow smoke in a woman’s face. Or have said smoke blown in your face if you're a woman. Happy days.

Meanwhile on the other side of town. Few years earlier but you get the picture. 

We like to play this at Pikes On Sundays and watch the mums playing with their toddlers in the pool. When I say we, I suspect Brother Andy thinks it’s another self indulgent repetitive piece of shit but hey, it’s not all about him.