From The Badger’s Lair #2


I’m a man of strange and varied tastes and I have friends who mirror mine own. One of them is Ruairi Dunne. He drove me to distraction. But I love him like a Brother and miss him like a lost limb. A finger maybe. How can you not love a man who uses a turn of phrase like “lumpen proletariat” in a sentence where you you might use “egg and spoon race”? Anyway, starting this week's From The Badgers Lair with an introduction from Ruairi Dunne we have this;

A 45 minute documentary about how Stalin tried to create a human/ape hybrid army you say?

History Channel 2 obviously doesn’t meet History Channel 1’s stringent standards of plausibility. I don’t want to spoil the end but I will anyway:

Those of you hoping for some Red Ape Storm Trooper action will be sadly disappointed. The scientist involved was arrested, exiled and died of a stroke. Although as a side note, Ivan “Drooling Dog” Pavlov read the eulogy at his funeral.

This weeks giant child.

A good idea from the good old days.


Can it really be that dangerous or is it a case of political correctness gone mad? Again!

One for Esther Rantzen, except it doesn’t look like a massive cock. But all the others do…and there lies the irony!

Another incredible and self indulgent repetitious track sure to upset my brother when I play it at Pikes On Sundays. The Dinger Brothers can do no wrong in my mind. A wonderful slice of early '80s Kraut goodness that I’m sure Mark E Smith must have played to death…

Most people I know have seen this at least once a year since I first discovered it and force it on them when they are most ready to experience it’s brilliance. You too might well have seen it as it’s not that “out there” but it is fucking amazing and deserves another look. Regularly. Show your friends. Tell them Mark sent you.