Word Of The Week: ‘Kasich’


Do you feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the rapid expansion of the English lexicon? You’re not alone. A lethal combination of celebrity culture and twitter has given rise to a host of new and at times seemingly unintelligible words. As such, we shall be taking an in-depth look at one word each week, exploring its etymology, meaning and significance in pop culture and beyond. It’ll be just like learning your ABCs again. Welcome to Word of the Week.

1.    Slang. Used to refer to an individual with no chance of success but continues to try regardless.
Kasich is particularly relevant right now as we near the end of the American election nomination process. For those who haven’t followed the coverage, John Kasich was a Republican hopeful who was coerced into forging an alliance with Ted Cruz in an attempt to stop the Trump bandwagon. 

Even watching from afar, it’s hard to relate, let alone sympathise with any of the Republican Party nominees. Having said that, most of us know the feeling of having to do something we don’t really want to. However, his actions do indicate that the man is utterly incapable of standing up for himself and his ‘principles’. For an example closer to home, refer to Nick Clegg and university tuition fees. 

Anyway, the experiment clearly didn’t work, as Kasich recently dropped out of the race, finally acknowledging he had been Trumped (forgive the pun).

For the first time at WOTW, we actually quite like this new phrase, so much so we recently overheard the following in the office:

“That guy, he’s been trying it on with my bae for weeks now…”
“I know, he just doesn’t get it, what a Kasich”

With the race for the White House in full swing now, we’re feeling inspired and next week’s feature will again feature another American politician. We’re stoked to be sharing the love next time. 

As Einstein said, the definition of stupidity is trying the same thing again and again hoping for a different result. It looks like John finally took note from the great man, but it was a little too late for young urbanites. Sadly John, your name will now be synonymous with failure. If it’s any crumb of comfort, we know as well as anyone that youth lexicon moves on pretty quickly. Maybe in 5 years time when the next electoral race begins, someone else will take your place.


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