Kieran’s Top 8 Hangover Cures


T'is the boozing season which comes hand in hand with the inevitable office party hangovers. But all hope is not lost, so stop the tears of regret into your coffee, I'm going to fix that hangover of yours with one of these 8 tried and tested, R$N official hangover cures. 

I've skipped the usual bacon sandwich and a cup of tea nonsense, these are real hangover cures for the most helpless of cases.

The Berocca Ramen

A mix of two hangover cures here, the popular Japanese noodle soup and the vitamin kick of a berocca tablet.

You won't be in any state to cook up a proper tonkotsu broth and not sure boiling up pigs feet on a hangover is going to help in any way, so go cheap and easy. Buy a packet of any dried noodles… Boil a kettle. Grab a tab of Berocca, mix together in teacup. Leave to cool. Down the lot.

Hangover, destroyed.

Lemsip DipDab

Noodles not your thing? Bit of a sweeter tooth? No problem, go down your local sweet shop, get a Dip Dab and a pack of lemsip. Pour out the "dab", replace with Lemsip.

Plus, you've got the option of lemon OR blackcurrent. The hangover cure that really does have something for everyone.

Pickle Juice / Pickleback

An eastern european favourite, pickle juce contain tonnes of electrolytes, so if you can stomach a few shots of it then get on it.

Drinking this while still out is also supposed to help, and is 50% of the ingredients of a Pickleback

Mashed Potatoes

Lots of (real) butter, dash of milk, plenty of salt. As much as you can eat. 

Gravy and/or cheese toppings also recommended.

I'm hoping everyone reading is hungover enough to not realise there is only 4 here. But if the above doesn't cure you then just go back down the pub. Works every time.