Die Cut #9 – Lionheart

Written by Anonymous
Hello UK Internet,

I'm in Berlin right now sorting out some stuff, but I haven't forgotten you at all. I think about you all the time and all the bad things that are going on.

Last Sunday I saw myself thrown into the position of having to reanimate a guy who started to have a fit in front of me, and then a heart attack, while having to wait for the ambulance for 20 minutes, which had been called before all this happened, as the guy was seriously off his tits! The poor fellas heart came back and he was fine after first chewing up his tongue, spitting blood and foam. It's great that the NHS gets cut! Who needs them anyway if we have people like me and you, who can easily do all these things, without any post traumatic stress disorder. I think next week, when I'm back in London, I might go to the royal hospital and do my first heart transplant on some dude who really needs it! I´m quite good with scissors and kitchen knives. And I'm used to work long hours under lots of stress! Easy stuff. It's just a heart.

But let's get to the core of all this. I read in you, dear Internet, that Sir (Mr soon) Philip Green has, apart from being evading taxes for several years, also stolen, yes stolen, the pension fonds of the BHS workers, and left them with a massive debt. Is this guy actually going to get prosecuted? Are the BHS workers actually going to report what he did as a crime and get some really good lawyers together, so he spends some time in Jail? And get some money back obviously. Are there any laws to actually make this possible? Or do we need to make them laws first, because if we do, maybe now it's the time.

There is more to Mr Green. Our friend Dodgy D actually gets advice from him and gave him a job in 2010 to review government spending and procurement. OMG OMG ALARM ALARM ALARM! Do you see the red lights? I do! 

The thing is, that when we read all this numbers, we seem to have accepted them as some tiny ass numbers, because lately, they are written like if they were. Let me give you an example:
The Phil and Tina Green are £3.2bn times green. That's some green. But how does it look now?,00 £ personal fortune.
Or what is missing in BHS? £560mt
560.000.000,00 £ Hole 
And the you read, that his 3rd Yacht did cost him just £150m.
150.000.000,00 £ for a Yacht, a boat, with 40 crew members to serve 12 guests. Yes it's called LIONHEART. 
But now I'm here to see some art in Berlin, which is deep in my heart, but somehow I can't overcome the feeling, that something is wrong with it in it's own core. 
For the purpose you find a good heart Internet.