Die-Cut #4 – Questions


Dear Internet,

I've been thinking for a long time what to say this week and I must admit, it isn't easy.

Last week my anger made OG Osborne have some bad ass karma in his car, but seeing what this weeks news headlines are, makes me question myself. 

Obviously the main media food is given by the sad news from Brussels. News that could feed a hundred media sharks and more, and have done. An easy train to jump on. It's anger from all "bastions" out there. It's given arguments to stand on your opinions and cause. And there are so many opinions, "professional" opinions from all of us to the horrible happening in the heart of Europe again. I could try to speak a truth, as many possible true words I read in the waste land of personal voice platform todays media offers. But truth? Who knows the truth? A lack of questions, and questions for answers is what I see. The outrages outputs of all kind of interprations to what happened is what scares me most, because they so move from extreme to the other and all between, with every opinion claiming to fullfill the truth itself. Might not here be the problem itself?
I find it hard to understand, that a bunch of young man aim to do such an atrocity. I can understand in part, the anger towards a society that has left you behind, but I can't to go that far. The wrongness of the attack, not only resides in the attackers act, it might also find its ground in a much larger chain of acts itself, and maybe there, we all lack to watch, listen and understand. The answers and interpretations lack semselfs, because answers are made of questions, and questions have many possible answers.

It is sad to read what you say to all this, dear Internet. You show a face so full of selfrighteous interpretation, but who are you, Internet?

long live the ones who don't know
a sad Die-Cut