Die Cut #3 – Karma

Karma, yes Internet, Karma, that's what this week is about.
Let me tell you: I work around 40 hours a week in a bloody food place preparing food for hungry folks, who depending on the daytime, are in a rush or drunk. I work hard, bloody hard, and most of the days I'm bloody tired after work, still then, I still sit down and do other shit to keep up with life and personal dreams. Problem is, money never is enough nor time is, and this may be because London is the most expensive city in the world, or because the minimum living wage in London is 9,40 pounds, which I don't even get before tax! 
So here I am, like so many other foreigners, doing the shit part jobs to keep this city rolling, and still then, this Tory Twat goverment would love to get rid of us, because out there are so many brits who would apparently love to do the shit jobs we do… for sure!
On top I got sick this week, a flu. I went to work the first day, which is bad enough, but I don't get paid if I'm sick, get me? Staying the next 2 days at home, shivering with fever and all that a flu brings with it. Won't get paid… Life is good! 
So now you ask yourself what all this has to do with karma!?
Nothing and all! Because karma is another big hoax like that budget 2016 that just got presented by Mr I LOVE ME DOING WHAT I DO Osborne, and I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE YOU, because we all know who it will help, when the corporate tax gets reduced once again and the worst, to cut 4.4bn from disability benefits…
Where is the karma? Only in my dreams
Have fun Internet
A sick Die-Cut