Dash’s Top 8 Of 2014


Tis the season of the end of year list. Top 10 straight to box set DVDs. Top 1000 digital deep house labels. Etc. Once again we've decided to go for Top 8 Whatevers. The Top 8 things of the year – be them bacon sandwiches; the top 8 times you stubbed your toe against the f*cking boxes full of useless sh*t your girlfriend insists on leaving in the hallway; and so on and so forth (sorry that useless s*it one is a bit harsh). Over the next few weeks until the new year, we'll be publishing the Top 8s of our various excellent R$N scribes.

Dash chips in his 8 cents;


A masterful example of Hip Hop character ideation, P-Funk has never sounded so good.  In today’s world where the freedom to be offended is in jeopardy, 100s pimp rap misogyny worked because the music was simply good. Lyrics so eminently quotable and productions that could be listened to on loop without tiring, I expected big things from a guy who channels 90s era Snoop Dogg as his spirit animal.

His apparent retirement from making music is a tragedy.  Also see his first mixtape/album he made at the tender age of 18: Ice Cold Perm.

Desert Sound Colony

The way I began is an incredible ear worm.  When the house tide inevitably withdraws and the Indie tide inevitably comes in, it’s stuff like this that will be hits. Also see: Bob Moses.

Zomby’s twitter account

Yeah yeah, he’s been tweeting since 2011 and yes, he’s an egomaniac.  It’s still one of the funniest accounts going though. *airhorn*

Frankenspiel FS-X

Kickstarter funded, this beats many of the most expensive bluetooth portable speakers on sound and battery life – and is one of the cheapest on the market.  Unbelievable tekkers.

Gonzo's Tea Room

One of the best bars in the country.  Great booze, decent music, fast wifi, cool staff and friendly people. Come lounge out all day and play FIFA, chess or duck hunt, or stay to the evening where you can sip your drinks under the cover of candle light and disco music. Open from midday to 3.30am every single day.  The best part is if you become a regular, you become part of the family.

First Person mode in GTAV

Don’t roll your eyes, have you tried it? It’s nuts. And awesome. Finally, free-world maniac simulation has never felt so intimate.

Momentum Chrome extension

A focus/productivity/zen extension.  Absolutely essential for anyone who works on a computer. That’d be most of you then.

It’s best thing to hit Chrome ever. Except for, maybe, Pocket.


Have 15 tabs open that you’re saving to read when you have the time?  Pocket them, then read later at a better time – or on your phone waiting for the train.  This one extension will give you back entire full days of productivity over the course of a year.

The return of Bloc Weekend

From bankruptcy to being back on it’s feet in the space of 2 years. That’s serious hustle.