Asking For A Friend #30


Everybody has that one friend who always asks really weird questions and then asks you to ask that question to someone else so then it makes it look like your question and then people look at you all weird and say "why are you asking me that question?" and you're all "I'm not it's my friend's question he just asked me to ask you" and everybody you've ever known or loved completely desert you, right? I mean, you're only Asking For A Friend

If you're looking after a friend's cat, is it safe to give them bourbon and coke?
Asking for a friend.

If we make our logo more blatantly Satanic, will we make shit loads more cash?
Asking for Starbucks.

Does this count as part of your five a day?
Asking for a friend.

Anyone need a (soon to be unemployed) bus driver?
Asking for a friend.

It's getting cold.
Asking for someone who can crochet…

Anyone fancy a bare knuckle fist fight? 
Asking for some friends.

Anyone need a massage?
Asking for a friend.

Is it safe to go to a fireworks display later dressed as Bonfire Man?
Asking for a friend.

Are killer whalguins edible?
Asking for a friend.

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