Asking For A Friend #23


Having had an image of a taxidermied badger that had been turned into a theremin (see last week's edition) you could be forgiven for thinking that Mitch Davis and his friend had got all high and mighty on us and moved on to greener pastures. Not our Mitch, or his friend, though as this bond is far greater than any badger – taxidermied or otherwise – could ever break. So we go once more into the breach with an image-heavy edition (here's hoping we go viral again!), kicking off with a question supposedly related to the above image;

Do they sell men's lingerie in Agent Provocateur? Asking for a friend.

Anyone want to buy a taxidermied badger that's been turned into a Brian May? Asking for a friend.

Will you go to prison for accidentally killing your neighbours dog with a crossbow? Asking for a friend.

Do those penis enlargement pills actually work? Asking for a friend.

Anyone want to buy a zug? Asking for a friend.

Anyone need a second hand dead fox hat? Goes well with a Hackney beard. Asking for a friend.

Anyone want to buy a very rare, taxidermied mythical chimera? Asking for a friend.

Anyone want to buy some Toot? Asking for a friend.

If you pose like this on Tinder will you lose your virginity? Asking for a friend.

Anyone need a clown for kid's birthday parties etc? Asking for a friend.

Would this suit a 44 year old chubby funster on a first date? Asking for a friend.

Why is there a penguin skeleton in my wardrobe? Asking for a friend.

Is Katie Hopkins single? Asking for a friend.

Does anyone know I even exist? Asking for a friend.

Are dinosaurs a load of old rubbish? Asking for a friend.

Is Dwayne Johnson related to The Rock? Asking for a friend.

Mitch Davis can be found running Numb Magazine among other things.