Asking For A Friend #16


As the distinction between reality and fiction becomes ever harder to define, we find ourselves hoping to cling on to some form of clarity on this brave new world. Actually, we're just trying to fill in some words before we hand over the reins to Mitch Davis and this week's batch of questions from his increasingly terrifying friend. That ought to be enough, here's your weekly Asking For A Friend fix;

Is this a good disguise to wear if you're stalking someone? Asking for a friend.

If the Metro has published photos of you taking your first driving lesson, can you sue? Asking for a friend.

Sexy or creepy? Asking for a friend.

Is it ok to masturbate on a seven hour train journey if you're bored? Asking for a friend.

Ladies. Is this a suitable look for speed dating? Asking for a friend.

Is it illegal to smoke crack on a Virgin train? The ticket bod is saying it is. Asking for a friend.

Is this new Blackpool kit too tight for me? Asking for a friend.

Can anyone sort membership into the Illuminati please? Asking for a friend.

Is this hip hop enough to go to a Method Man gig? Asking for a friend.

How do I get my drug bananas back? Asking for a friend.

If you're on the front page of The Sun snorting coke and wearing a bra, are you famous enough to go on I'm A Celebrity? Asking for a friend.

When in Scotland, is it ok to have a fish supper for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Asking for a friend.

If I wear this sexy ram hat on the beach, will a lady hold my hand too? Asking for a friend.

Mitch Davis can be found running Numb Magazine among other things.