Asking For A Friend #13


Some may say that thirteen is the unluckiest number of all yet for Mitch Davis's erstwhile friend it seems as though it's just the same as every other number. Well, what did you expect? If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Here's this week's batch of questions, kicking off with one about the snazzy articles above;

Are these Balearic? Asking for a friend.

Is it rude to update your Facebook status whilst having sex? My now ex-girlfriend is saying it is. Asking for a friend.

Any ladies looking for fun, romance, and symbiotic tattoo partnership? Asking for a friend.

Anyone know when the 2016 early bird tickets go on sale? Asking for a friend.

Is there anything on the market that stops my hair going very very light black? Asking for a friend.

Anyone got a copy of this I can borrow please? I'm fucking desperate. Asking for a friend.

How far back can you scroll on a girls Facebook timeline before it's considered stalking? Asking for a friend.

Anyone know when casting for the lead begins? Asking for a friend.

Is it illegal to have sex with a Sasquatch? Asking for a friend.

Can you still buy wolf fleece jackets from Wembley Market? Asking for a friend.

How much of this battery acid do you need to drink to start tripping? Asking for a friend.

Are three quarter length cargo trousers still very sexy and cool this season? Asking for a friend.

Mitch Davis can be found running Numb Magazine among other things.