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They asked for a "leader". I kid you not. 

I saw the glimmer of regret in Wil's eyes, and may be fear, as soon as he said the words. I had brought my boots and riding crop. I was prepared. Tight leash. I'd not been a boss nor editor, apart of myself, since the last century. With more or less success, depending on the angle, and the angle is not all in the eye of the beholder as those lovely chaps were about to realise.

Or I was.

My predisposition for superiority got the better of me once again. Hence me sitting at a desk, listening to Coil, writing this text. Which is what they asked for. Confusion is the mother of love.

A "leader".

Ali told me "to make it vague if that makes sense", it sure does. I'm being told I have a lot to say, I'm now not sure. It's not all lost, someone just asked "what the fuck is this music we're listening to?" as I am also in charge of the office atmosphere (Coil again). Reviewing, talking with people I like, opening doors and closing windows, yes of course, slagging and slashing a few things off, I'll just be around. The takeover is not hostile.

Just think of me as the guy peeping above their/your shoulder. 

Or don't.

Words by Ivan Smagghe…

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