R$N Tv: R$N Talks To Klasse Records

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In the first of our Berlin series of R$N TV in collaboration with Powerdust TV we caught up with Luca Luzano & Johanna from Klasse Recordings for a crate dig in a Berlin institution for a catch up about the label ahead of their Silencio party at their OFF Sonar party this Thursday 13th June. 

Located within, but not constricted by, the genres of modern house and techno, Klasse aims to evoke the depth and narrative of themes such as travel, movement and repetition, fusing the rich sounds of traditional wind and string instruments with the accuracy of synthesisers and drum machines.

As a record label Klasse holds up the classic spoked wheel design of a racing bike as a symbol of strength and unity which contrasts with the disposable doses of instantaneous gratification found in todays electronic music scene. Klasse has released original and remix material from artists such as Luca Lozano, Mr. Ho, Sacha Robotti, Johanna Knutsson, Jordan Peak, Paolo Rocco, Kris Wadsworth, Huxley, Pol_On, Minilogue, Tim Green and many others.


Klasse Recordings releases on digital, vinyl and tape cassette formats.


Check the video in full below…

Want to know what they bought?

Johanna's pick:
Schatrax – Mispent Years 
Simply a beautiful old track that sounds timeless to me. I've been hearing it out a few times and it gets me every time! I look fwd to share it with a dancefloor and hopefully see someone feeling the same way as I do about it 🙂

Luca's pick:
Lil Louis – Frequency 

I'm a big Dance Mania fan and one day dream of owning a large collection of these great records, Dance Mania went through a lot of phases and styles and this early Lil Louis track belongs to the first period in which the tracks were slower and had more of a Chicago vibe. Lil Louis obviously went on to do big things and I like to think of this record encapsulating his earlier, somewhat more 'innocent' stage. Both sides are killer, definite club fodder.

Check www.klasserecordings.de/? and their soundcloud below…

Silencio OFF Sonar party SIlencio takes place at Upload, Barcelona this Thursday 13th June.