Xenz Presents: Cloud Cuckoo Land

Art & Culture
British graffiti scape artist Xenzpresents his brandnew major solo show – Cloud Cuckoo Land from December the 2nd til the 4th.
The exhibit takes place at Blackall Studios on Old Street.
Famed for hislandscape graffiti murals, Xenz exhibits a beautiful collection of new paintings which ‘immerse the viewer in an undiscovered world filled with exotic species drawn from the vivid depths of his imagination’.
The work is a combination of fine art with urban art forms, using the spray can to manifest fragments of his memory and subject matter drawn from the natural world. A love of ornithology and a search for ever-exotic wildlife has led to this creative choice by Xenz.
The work is open to the public from Friday the December 2nd.
For more info on the exhibition and the oppurtunity to check out some of Xenz’ work, check his website.