These Associations – Tino Sehgal

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“These Associations” at Tate Modern

Tate's Turbine Hall plays host to a new artwork from Tino Sehgal using immaterial stuff as stories and personal interaction as opposed to the more traditional painting, sculpting or other installations.
Until the 28th of October, Tate Modern hosts an exhibition as part of its annual “Unilever Series” commission. The British-German conceptual artist, Tino Sehgal, takes over the Turbine Hall with his latest interactive performance called “These Associations”. Each and every day, the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall is inhabited by performers who, through movement, sound and conversation, construct at times different and always surprising situations.
Sehgal conducted workshops for more than a year to find these participants in the installation. Performing games or shows, each one with a set of rules, you can enter at the Turbine Hall to see people walking or running together, answering questions that you´ve never asked, whispering or singing with the lights off. 
Sehgal describes this exhibition as an examination of what it means to belong to a group and the relationship between the individual and the mass.
Part of the London 2012 Festival, Tino Sehgal “These associations” is the 13th commission and the first “live” and immaterial artwork included in "The Unilever Series".
Sometimes surprising, sometimes a little bit creepy but definitely an interesting experience nonetheless.
"These Associations" is running from now until 28th of October.
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Elena Manrique