The Little Paper Slipper

Art & Culture

Marie-Louise Jones has a history of presenting honest, socially aware, art that stands up for women around the world, as well as creating the brilliant sets at The Den. Her upcoming project, 'The Little Paper Slipper', will be the first time that Jones has created a solo exhibition. This presentation is aimed at exploring the world of domestic abuse, delving into key aspects such as power, vulnerability, and trauma. It is a particularly inquisitive exhibition which uses work from a series of socially engaged art workshops in refuges with women who have experienced domestic abuse alongside some of Jones' physical creations.


'The Little Paper Slipper' started by exploring harrowing experiences and their effects on the psyche. This involved running a number of socially conscious workshops with women who have experienced domestic abuse. The year-long project involved a 2 month nationwide tour in which women deconstructed notions of power, using the workshop as a therapeutic tool for expressing the effects of their abusive relationships. The result of this has been the physical 'Little Paper Slippers' which are on show next to some of Jones' creations.
So what exactly is on offer from Jones herself? There are 3 main works to mull over; 'The Power Behind The Throne', 'Til Death Do Us Part', and 'The Paper Dress'. The latter of these 3 pieces is representative of temporary hope and aspiration, the non-eternal nature of this is highlighted throughout the exhibition with the use of paper. The delicacy of these works is one of their most appealing features, exposing the frailties in human relationships.
'The Little Paper Slipper' runs from 31st January – 9 February between 11am-6pm at the Mother Project Space Gallery.