Subito Carceris = (An Improvised Prison) – Dialogues

Art & Culture

One thing that all of us undoubtedly have in common is that we're all inherently curious. And why would we not be in such an intriguing world? If you're struggling with a curiosity about the creation of art, prepare for your questions to be answered.

Currently running at the Hundred Years Gallery is 'Subito Carceris', a group show featuring paintings by Milan Todorovik & Kofi Boamah, collages by Victoria Kovalenko, sculpture installations by Hugo Madureira & Mark Woods and a series of public blindfolded dialogues between the artists. This series of dialogues will attempt to unveil the thought process that each artist develops in order to fulfil the force of creation. M.Gallego has selected these artists through sympathy towards their work, their characters and her own curiosity in how they deal with their minds, how they could describe the intimacy of their thoughts and impulses.

You'd probably be hard pushed to find a link between all the artists on show but each of them has an evocative, unique style that makes their work so intriguing. The ‘Litro’ collages, by Victoria Kovalenko are particularly interesting as they're not like anything you've seen before – apologies to the unnecessarily faint-hearted for the below image.

So why not indulge your instincts and take a walk on the wild side (sorry…) down to the Hundred Years Gallery at some point in the next few weeks. Perhaps you'll have some questions answered, maybe some home truths revealed or maybe you'll just think it's cool.

That's art for you.

Subito Carceris is currently on show at the Hundred Years Gallery, click here for more information.