Resistencia: Focus on Latin America

Art & Culture


On Saturday 22nd September Dochouse are teaming up with Richmix and putting on Resistencia; a day long festival of shorts and documentaries made in, and about, life in Latin America. Resistencia offers a panoramic view across Latin America today, from life at the Mexican border, through the Peruvian jungle, and all the way to the streets of Santiago.  These outstanding documentaries reveal the Latin America you don’t see on TV; Here are the indigenous people and the workers of Latin America  from Chile to Peru to Colombia. Those suffering the most from the exploitation of their land and their rights but who are the ones willing to stand up and resist!
ONE FRONTIER, ALL FRONTIERS gives a striking visual representation of the U.S relationship with Latin America – the separation wall, yet the reliance on central and South Americans for cheap labour and resources both in and out of the USA is clear and have made Latin America a playground for multi-national corporations to use and abuse the land for profit whilst exploiting mainly indigenous Latin American workers. With foreign investment fuelling Latin American governments and the privileged few, STOLEN LAND shows how the Nasa tribe decides to take matters into their own hands to protest against the shrinking rights to their ancestral lands.
In LAW OF THE JUNGLE we again see a prejudice system in action as indigenous activist Fachin Ruíz is charged without evidence, and members of his community have to educate themselves to fight for their rights in a legal system set up for them to fail. CITY OF PHOTOGRAPHERS takes us on a retrospective of protest in the region and conversely WITH FIDEL WHATEVER HAPPENS displays the result of revolt in the Cuban revolution 52 years on. Our panel discussion will elaborate on these films and ask what will resistance bring to Latin America’s future?
For more info and to book tickets, check the Richmix site