Read: Graphic Design Visionaries

Art & Culture

Whether you're clued up on the world of graphic design or not, by the time you've made your way through this book you'll feel an urge to go out and design posters and artwork for a living. Of course, most of us can't even come close to replicating the work of these incredible artists and each and every one of them deserves their place in this visual dictionary which highlights just how much graphic design has influenced the way we look at the world.

These designers are able to grasp hold of that creative spark that lies within most of us and bring our imaginations into life – even if they're doing such as mundane a task as writing a line-up for a gig. Artists like Franco Grignani were so talented that they were able to bring poster adverts for Pirelli into life without making you feel like you were just looking at an advert – a worrying level of talent that should nonetheless be applauded. Grignani sits alongside well-known visual geniuses such as Saul Bass, one of the most inspirational visual specialists in the film world, and Milton Glaser, the man behind the wonderful Bob Dylan poster below.

For anyone with any level of interest in the visual arts, this book is a must read as it shows you how some people are just so alarmingly creative that they can turn the most humdrum of subjects into a visual delight that will please experts and members of the public alike. It might be a bit too big to take with you on the tube but this is one hell of a coffee table book. Caroline Roberts has assembled a collection of magnificent artists and her in-depth approach means that you'll come away feeling as though your mind has been opened to a whole new world of imagery.

Graphic Design Visionaries by Caroline Roberts will be published by Laurence King in August 2015.