Random Slices #25

Art & Culture

Hyperlink Festival

The tanks in Tate Modern are taken over this weekend by the Hyperlink festival, running Friday until Sunday and covering music, fashion, photography and design. Workshops, live performances, interventions (Im assuming not of the lock your drug addicted uncle in a room type) and installations all abound. Its aimed at the 15-25 market, but that isnt going to stop this old fogie getting down there and demanding a photographic intervention, let me tell you.   

The Other Art Fair

The Other Art Fair focusses on the under-hyped, below the radar artists who, lets face it, could do with a bit of fucking cash in the pocket. With pieces going from 50 upwards, and with 100 artists on show, its worth checking out. Ive seen a selection of pieces going into it and, compared to some of the shite in Frieze and The Affordable Art Fair, there is actually some really strong work. Its in Marelybone, which seems a weird location, but maybe the reckoning is that the locals are so minted, they might just accidentally splurge and buy the whole lot? 

Street Feast

Take your fixie and your cultivated facial hair/dip-dyed-undercut-hair-do over to Street Feast in the old Travis Perkins yard in Boreditch on Friday night and you can feast on a cornucopia of overpriced nosh.  Running every Friday night (5pm – midnight) from now until the end of June, you can also pick up cocktails and start conversations about the Mexican art scene with gurning, perma-tanned Essex boys who can, in exchange, tell you how much they now hate Jamie Jones. What would Travis Perkins think?