Random Slices #23

Art & Culture

Doctors, Dissection & Resurrection Men

The Museum of London’s exhibition was born out of an excavation of a burial ground in Whitechapel in 2006. Over 250 bodies were discovered, (not all of them human) in a messy mass of bones, dated at around 200 years old. The site offered a rich insight into the medical practices of the day, (specifically the dissection practices and the trade of dead bodies that accompanied them) and formed the basis for this exhibition. Part London Dungeon, part Ripper Street, it’s a fascinating glimpse into a corner of medical history full of drama and ghoulishness. 

Punchdrunk Return

Punchdrunk make the best theatre going. If you’ve ever been to a show, you know. Dizzying, immersive theatre at it’s very best – the crew have been on a bit of hiatus recently, but they’re returning this summer with a brand new show in London, within Zone 1. The show doesn’t start until June, but tickets go on sale on Friday and if you want to ensure you book a place, you’re going to need to be booking your ticket now.