Pine Ridge

Art & Culture

Pine Ridge is a documentary looking into the lifestyle of certain Native Americans, living out on a reservation. If you ever thought you had a problem with immigration, maybe this will help give you some perspective.

All the tales have elements of everyday life wrapped in amongst situations that most of us will never find ourselves in or perhaps even be able to comprehend. I don't know if it's right to feel sympathetic towards some of the subjects as many seem happy just doing what they're doing yet you feel that most, if not all of them, have been given a raw deal.

Talk of death and suicide is all too common and casual and some of the tales told will, with any luck, make you feel grateful for what you have. I'm not the biggest fan of America at the best of times but I found myself despising some of the visitors to the site of Wounded Knee, the great battle which is commemorated by a museum within the reservation. There is something to be said for an unwillingness to adapt to the culture of a people when you're in their territory, Brits abroad have long been ignorant in this department.

But anyway, the film. Prepare yourself to be blown away by some stunningly stark, honest moments of film-making with this excellently shot documentary that captures a slice of America that never seems to make it across the pond.

Ciaran Steward

Catch the DocHouse screening of Pine Ridge on 31st July at 6.30pm over at ICA, click here for more information.