Our Brick Lane

Art & Culture

Shoreditch's Rich Mix is currently in the midst of it's Snapshot's festival, a series of 13 events that celebrate the history of East London in it's Olympic Year. Part 7 focuses on East London's Jewish Culture.

From the 25th of January, 'Our Brick Lane', an exhibition focusing on the former Jewish Community and current Bengali and Somali communities in Brick Lane, runs at Rich Mix. The material for the exhibition was put together by Eastside Community Heritage and includes photographs and oral history video interviews. The collective worked with local schools, youth groups and community centres in Brick Lane to put the exhibition together.

'Our Brick Lane' runs from the 25th of January until the 2nd of February in the Rich Mix Cafe Gallery and is Free! For more info on the event, as well other Snapshot Festival events, check the Rich Mix site.