Modern Panic V

Art & Culture

In a world where everything has become utterly terrifying – if you're a regular internet user you'll probably know that a woman can't even walk the streets without being harrassed – it's good to know that we can still turn to art to keep us calm. Hang on, what? Panic? PANIC? PANIC!!!

Sorry about that… There are plenty of excellent artists contributing work to Guerrilla Zoo's 'Modern Panic V', aiming to step into the dark side of art. As the various works will explore the furthest depths of the psyche and human archtypes, you'll find yourselves immersed in various states of bewilderment. The entire event has been curated by James Elphick and on offer will be work such as Alien designer H.R. Giger's last ever sculptures, felt-based provacations from the excellent Lucy Sparrow (who we've spoken to previously) and contributions from an array of rising artists.

There will also be live artistic performances on offer from the likes of Bang Crosby, Missa Blue and many more, making sure that you leave feeling thoroughly entertained.

Why not add a little spice to your life? Treat yourself to a quick spot of panic – it's good for you, honest.

Modern Panic V takes place from Saturday 8th – Sunday 16th November at Apiary Studios. For more information, click here.