Modern Panic III

Art & Culture


Guerrilla Zoo’s acclaimed Modern Panic exhibition returns for a third installment.? The show features a unique collection of over 50 surreal, controversial & provocative international artists and live art’s practitioners.
Modern Panic III includes works by the legendary Franko B, prisoner Charles Bronson, and live body artist Nicola Canavan, as well as the rising stars taxidermist Charlie Tuesday Gates, mattress embroiderer Louise Riley, Lady Gaga  & Bat for Lashes designer Natasha Lawes, and neo-Victorian illustrator Dan Hillier.?International contributors to look out for are the beautiful insect and flower sculptures of Cedric Laquieze, visually astonishing photographs of Sarah Sitkin, and epic fantasy illustrator Santiago Caruso.
Do not miss out on the exclusive première of the mind altering ‘Dreamachine’ installation designed by William S Burroughs & Brion Gysin which was used by Kurt Cobain 48 hours before his death.
For the full psyche-exploding line up visit:?
Featuring (in alphabetical order):
Karina Akopyan | Karolina Albricht | Franko B?Miranda Benzies | Elizabeth Buckfield | Emma Buggy?Charles Bronson | Santiago Caruso | Jazz Szu-Ying Chen?Sarah Delaney | Charlie Tuesday Gates | Dan Hillier?Andrew Hladky | Ben Hopper | Anna Humphries?Chiho Iwase | Sally Jones | Achilles Kapsalis?Laura Bodo Lajber  | Valentina Lari | Craig LaRotonda?Cedric Laquieze | Natasha Lawes | Peter Millard?Vort Man | Julie Newton | Berth Neutze?Bonnie Makes Pictures | Vesna Parchet | Carrie Reichardt?Louise Riley | Sandra Robinson | Sara Le Roy?Masumi Saito | Lucy Sparrow | Arcane Sin?Sarah Sitkin | Greta Wallner | Martha Zmpounou
Live Art Performances:
Mad Alan | Hellen Burrough?Nicola Canavan | Lydia Darling | Nina Davies? l Petrusco's Eye | Jamie Lewis hadley l ?Nick Kilby | Philip Levine | Simularum?Brion Gysin & Ian Somerville's Dreamachine
Documentary on Modern Panic 2 here: