Light Show

Art & Culture


January is one of the darkest months of the winter season,  but we have discovered how can we bring a little ray of light to get over the cold and the gloom.
Starting today, Hayward Gallery presents a new exhibition that explores the experiential and phenomenal aspects of the light. The show brings together sculptures and installations that use light to create shapes that play with the visitor’s perception. The artworks explore diverse aspects of the light such as colour, intensity or projection.
Some experts say that light has the power to affect our mind and alter how we perceive everything around us. With this exhibition, the viewer can experience the power of the light in all of its spatial and sensory forms. From fluorescent light bulbs to light boxes, including illumination cones.
The illuminating experience includes the artworks of artists from the 60’s to our days. More than 20 artists participate in the show the likes of Dan Flavin -one of the pioneer in the art made of light-, Olafur Eliasson, Jenny Holzer, Anthony McCall and François Morellet.
The Light Show is a good place to visit in those blue and depressing days of winter. Remember, from 30th of January to 28th of April at Hayward Gallery.