Lech Majewski’s ‘Field Of Dogs’

Art & Culture

Lech Majewski returns to the National Gallery this weekend with his new film 'Field Of Dogs' as part of the 12th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival.

This latest film is the follow up to his previous multi-layered work 'The Mill And The Cross'. The film includes visual delights and elements that set out to bemuse, these include a father ploughing a supermarket with oxen, the plough ripping the tiles. This strange imagery comes in the form of a vision from protagonist Adam, a poet who has lost his beloved in a car crash, and who gives up his job as professor of literature to work at a supermarket. Set in 2010, the year of the plane crash in Russia that killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski, a national tragedy imposes on a personal one.

Catch 'Field Of Dogs' at the National Gallery on Saturday May 24th at 2.30pm, for tickets and more information click here.